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An interactive tribute to the 1997 sci-fi horror film by Vincenzo Natali.

You play as a random stranger who wakes up in an alien-looking, symmetrical cube-shaped room with a hatch and ladders on each side of the room leading to other cube-shaped rooms. Your goal is to make your way through the maze of cubes, but there's a catch: some rooms are rigged with deadly traps. While trying to find the exit, you have to also find a way to tell the trapped rooms apart from the safe ones.

Currently this version is for exploring and testing the environment, as well as for users to share feedback and report bugs. The future versions are expected to have:

  • Multiplayer
  • A LOT more traps
  • Way out
  • VR compatibility
  • More item uses
  • Story, hidden details (messages you can find in the cube)
  • Extras

The cube is randomized completely, which is why the current version doesn't have an exit (I'm currently trying to figure out a logical way to implement it, because the movie had a hard-coded logic to it while this one is randomized, so I can't apply movie logic)

BTW: This game was made with HDRP, so ancient/weaker devices may not be able to run this at 60FPS because HDRP focuses on better visual quality. The game has been optimized as much as possible, but in case the game runs slower, that's why (there is still room for improvement though). You do have the option to disable effects in case it helps.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsadc, Hades
GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Platformer
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, cube, Horror, Unity


cube-v007-windows.rar 37 MB
cube-mac.app.zip 52 MB
cube-linux.rar 50 MB

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cool, I'm waiting for new updates:)


классно,жду новых обновлений:)

I don't understand the instructions for the controls.  I was able to open one of the doors, but that's it.  I'm not sure what to do with the instruction of 2 dots/blocks on the left + a mouse click.

Hey! That is supposed to be for the ladder; in order to go through the doors/vents, you need to get on a ladder and then click on the vent opening.

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hello cool game unfortunately, the game slows down on my laptop, although I have set the minimum settings.I got out of the cube, but there's nothing there.How soon will the new version be available?This is the highest quality cube game.I do not take into account the Half dead series of games there is not such an atmosphere.

p.s it would be fun to add some kind of sound traps like to react to the sound or the trap would activate after a while, like in the movie cube 2021.

I didn't understand what to do with the shirt in the inventory for what it was needed....

Sorry for late reply, I totally missed/didn't see your comment.

Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that you see this project as being high quality! :D
This project uses HDRP (High Definition Rendering Pipeline) which is GPU intensive, so it relies on the graphic card a lot more than CPU as far as I understood. I opened the project on my laptop and it barely runs at 2FPS regardless of where I am but that's because my laptop uses OpenGLES3. I recreated/remade the cube interior and exterior a month ago, but even though it's just one single room with nothing else rendered, it lagged. I'm not sure what's causing performance problems because even if I disable shadows and effects, it still lags. It could be something to do with the HDRP version I'm using so I'm hoping new releases will help with performance.

The new version will not happen anytime soon as my computer stopped functioning properly due to being 1-2 decades old and having really bad components+wires. Luckily, I was able to get employed irl and I can hopefully look forward to getting a new PC some day if all goes well. Same goes for implementing VR as I'll be able to get the necessary equipment... however, that also means I won't have as much time to give to my projects. (as no one is working on this project except me)

The new update has a sound activated trap, a proper functioning one (you can see it in the devlog video I made). I do have *something* in store for the other type(s) of traps, but we will see how it goes.

The shirt in the current version does not have a function except a nod/reference to the movie. In the new version, it will have a few functions based on who you are.


You've done some absolutely amazing work on this, however my experience is often cut short by a game-breaking bug where the ladders simply refuse to function after some time, the pause menu will also stop showing once this starts.

Hey thank you! I appreciate hearing that greatly! :D
That's a known but weirdly undiagnosable bug that happens at random. Basically: when you're grabbing onto items then all other detections (like grabbing onto ladders) will be disabled so that you don't grab onto ladders twice. For some reason, something doesn't re-enable that detection.

I have been working on a new polished version which strips the project of UFPS (code responsible for camera movement and animations... and it caused a lot of problems too) so that problem is gone, but it will take a long time until the new version is done as I intend it to have a different logic and hopefully a way out. If I'm lucky and have the time, it may have something else as well.

Sorry for late reply (I'm away from home)


this game is absolutely fantastic. It does the movie so well, the atmosphere is very well done, as well as the traps, and lore. I noticed that you were planning on adding more traps, a story and an exit which I am really looking forward to seeing. I am experiencing what I believe to be a bug at the moment, after I spend a while in the cube, traversing about 20 or so rooms, I am no longer able to climb ladders, rendering me only able to move down. This is the only problem I have however. I know these things take a long time to design, and this would be a long way down the road, but I would really love to see you add different cubes, maybe the one from Cube Zero (I know the film wasn't fantastic but it had the most nightmarish traps) or even original designs would be an absolute wet dream. 

Thank you! It means a lot to hear that people enjoyed the demo (despite the bugs) and I'll do my best to try and finish this project.

As mentioned in the reply to a user BANAИA, the bug you're experiencing is a known bug but I was unable to figure out *why* it's happening. All the variables seem fine, but somewhere something code-wise doesn't happen and it messes everything up. (and the worst part is: it's random, so it's hard to track it)
The good news is that this bug is gone because I rewrote the entire project from scratch so that it no longer depends on UFPS. (UFPS is an asset I used that handles all the camera animations because they're all code-related and dynamic... however, UFPS caused a lot of problems with things like climbing ladders, climbing into vents, detecting traps, etc... so I took it out and replaced it with basic animations which may not be as cool looking, but will work for now)

As for different Cube layouts, I think that would be pretty baller, but if I'm ever going to add it- it's gonna be the last thing I'll add. (all the traps, which I now have to make from scratch, are all made with the current cube's geometry in mind. If I make different layouts, I'll have to re-make the traps to fit every and each of those layouts. That will take a lot of time, so I'll probably save it for when I finish everything else)


You are such a chad. Personal problem; although I love this movie, believe it or not I dislike horror itself. So I am a bit to scared playing this, lol. Either way; this is done so well. I apreciate it! <3

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Hello, game is fantastic, today i played and i was go to position 14x, 26y, 14z out of curiosity, in movie is at 27y way out but i saw just wall, in actual game version is not yet implemented way out? or way out is somewhere else ?... I love this game, if is not done yet i hope it will done soon.


Hey thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :D

(spoilers for those who didn't see the movie)
Here's the thing: in the movie there's a space between the cube and outter shell to prevent people from simply reaching the exit. In order to get out, they need to find a room that will act as a bridge between the cube and outter shell (that room should have the coordinates of 27). This is not added in the game, the code does not support it yet. (technically I could hardcode it in some way but there would be no logic to it except being random on whether the room will be a bridge or not. The game wouldn't be beatable with 17,000 rooms)

I'll have to redo most of the project to make it work, but that will take a long time since I'm prioritizing other simpler projects. I hope you won't mind.


:D ok nevermind i'll wait for this amazing game, game will epic when will complete done, goodluck with coding and sorry for my English...


omg i love this so much ;_; if you ever need playtesting/feedback hmu. i love the cube films a lot and this feels so true to the original ;-; eep


Hey thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that and I'm glad you like it so far! :D
I appreciate the offer, at the moment the project is on hold and I'm taking a break from Cube; The entire code will need to be rewritten so it'll take a while until a new version gets uploaded. Cheers!


AWESOME PROJECT! I am glad that the beginning was perfectly mapped like in the movie. Great Graphics! I'm a fan of everyone who makes a game version of the cube movie.

Deleted post

Is there a way to recollect your boots if you accidentally take them both out of your inventory? And if not, could you implement a mechanic for that, please? This is such a nice game so far and I love the fact that it uses the sounds and... "Score?" for the soundtrack.

Hey! Yes, there is a way to put the boot back into your inventory: grab/hold the boot and then press the middle mouse button. Also, thank you! We tried to make as much sounds to be original, but some sfx/ost is from the original Cube. (Sorry if my English is rusty, but I hope I was able to explain the mechanic)


Oh! Thank you! Also don't worry about your English. I understood perfectly!

Need a hint. I can open a hatch (starting cube) but the ladder/climb function is not working...?

Yeah. Ladder function does not work at all. 

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Looks hella cool graphic wise and even pondered upon the idea of making a game based on this my self, but laws..... Anyways, the ladder function idk... Can't get out of my starting cube cuz it says to click left m button, and I've done all I can think of... 

Also, Starting cube does not allow me to go down through the bottom hatch?

If you would be interested in a co-dev of a similar game that would not steal from hollywood and be interested in a coder & 3d artist, lmk. 

Thank you, and you have to click on the ladders (on the sides of the door/hatch).

why the room(012,012,011) has no trap?

Starting rooms don't have a trap (if you started at 012/012/011) but there is also one specific trap that triggers when you enter from the sides (so if you entered from the ceiling or the floor, the room is harmless until you re-enter the room from the same floor)

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Thank you, I understand.
I played the game with cube-size 5^3.
The starting cube was always (012/012/012) and all adjacent cubes have an prime number (011 or 013), but only the below cube (012/012/011) didn't trigger when I fell into. I thought it was odd.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game because I felt most respect for the original movie.
I'm looking forward to the day the Exit is implemented.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed our project and have the same level of appreciation for the first movie as we do. :D
I'll do my best to implement the exit and some new features. It may take a little while because currently there's another project in development, but it should be done this month.


first movie is the best. While I enjoy the 2 follow ups, the 3rd really kind of killed it for me. 

Let us talk on this project. You have a potential money maker here and we would have to adapt it to a new style, situation, and story. But a possible major money maker. 

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This is my Let's play video.

Hey! Thank you so much for going through the game, super sorry for all the bugs you encountered but I hope you had fun. I apologize for late reply.

I'm glad you figured out how to "beat" the Cube, but I'm sorry to tell you that there currently is no way of winning. It was cool seeing your strategy of waiting in a room to move by itself, I was really hoping people would try that out to see the rooms move, even though there are some minor bugs (like the overexposed light when the room connects to yours). The reason the exit is not added yet is because the room locations and coded signatures are randomized, and the same goes for room movement. Meaning, I won't be able to use the same logic from the movie for finding the exit. We'll see how it goes.
Also the boot is very useful for most traps while some will ignore the boot, but it is recommended that you throw the boot (hold the boot and then press right mouse button) instead of dropping it near the door. The boot can be put back into your inventory by holding the boot and pressing the middle mouse button.
Thank you again, I really enjoyed watching your letsplay and I am amazed & honored that there are people dedicating a lot of time to play it. I'll do my best to update it when I can. Cheers! :D