A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You find yourself in your motel room, but nothing seems right. The walls, the floors, everything is falling apart. You must do what you can to survive and reach the exit.

TERMINUS is a PSX-styled survival horror game in the veins of classic titles such as Silent Hill, developed by Hades and adc.

This project started out as a fan project because we really liked Silent Hill and wanted to test out the waters with Unity and Crocotile, and also made it for a friend who is no longer around. We put a lot of time, effort and sleepless nights into this demo; took a few years. This project is more of a programming experiment because we got to program something I never tried before: Multi-language support, dynamic camera, saving system as well as being a fully functional PSX game. We decided to not let this go to waste and release it for people to play. It's not much, but it's something we're proud of. This was a fun learning experience, and we plan on making a full game out of this some day.

DISCLAIMER: This game was originally designed for Windows, but we have included Mac and Linux ports for availability. There may be issues but we might not be able to fix most of them due to not having a Mac or a Linux for testing.

Special thanks to Crocotile3D: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1244040/Crocotile_3D/

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authorsadc, Hades
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Horror, PSX, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Croatian, Japanese, Polish
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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Version 4 3 days ago
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Version 4 3 days ago
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Version 3 1 day ago

Development log


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I have a few questions about development and your goals with this project, it would be awesome if you could answer them. Here they are:

1. How long do you reckon it will take to finish the game, or at least be able to release an early access build with the core game fully complete?

2. Do you plan on releasing any more demo content? Maybe an extended demo when more of the game is complete?

3. Do you plan on keeping the silent hill art style and feel, or do you plan on creating something different of your own? (personally I would love it if you kept the style but still added new ideas, which you already did with the falling mechanic)

4. How long do you plan on making the game?

5. At what price point do you plan on releasing the game at?

6. Do you plan on release the game on other platforms other than pc? (personally I think it would be great on android and ios)

Thank you.

Hey, sorry for late reply and ask away:
1) Don't wanna get anyone's hopes up, but it will take a long time. We're a team of two and we don't get to work full time on the project. We are currently taking a break (I'm still doing a small update to the demo) and we're jumping between other projects, but we will come back to Terminus eventually. 1-2 weeks ago I had to recreate the entire demo because windows update corrupted my files, so I'm not very energetic to work on Terminus. I hope you and everyone else understands.

2) We plan on adding a story demo, but it'll require a lot of work as well as updating the motel section. The story mode won't be anything big, just something to set the scene.

3) We're pretty much keeping the SH style with our own twist. The full version will have more effort put into textures. The ones in the demo are just enough to test out the whole thing (with Crocotile, affine textures and lighting)

4) To be honest, we're not sure. We thought the demo will take at least 15 minutes but for some people it's more than 40 minutes lol. We're hoping to make it at least an hour or two long, maybe longer for hard riddle difficulty since on that difficulty there's more levels to explore. (at least in the demo)
I can't say for sure but I prefer keeping expectations minimal.

5) I think it depends on the development and workforce. We don't know how much the project will be worth when it's finished so I don't wanna accidentally throw around random numbers.

6) We'd love to have it on consoles, but I don't think we can afford it. I think Xbox license is cheaper and there's less hoops to jump through in order to get it... whereas Sony is very strict with licenses/ports. I dunno if Terminus would be comfy enough to play on a phone but if there's enough demand, might as well consider(?) and the Vita is dead lol

I hope this answers your questions and if I got something wrong, ADC will correct me and/or probably reply with his own info. Cheers! :)


Thank you for your response and thanks for answering the questions! Also this would definitely be a successful game on android. Most people play these games with a controller on android and android is the go to system for many (myself included) when it comes to emulation and retro style games so this game would fit perfectly on there. There's a huge market for these types of games on there man. Have a nice day!

Any time! :)
Playing the game on mobile with a gamepad makes the most sense since this project is joystick oriented but I think I'll be required to add a touchpad control as well for the android/iOS port which... considering the difficulty of this game, might not work as well. The only paid android game I played was Final Fantasy 3, so I don't have much knowledge on what kind of games populate the android/iOS hemisphere. Have a nice day as well!


Touch controls would be a terrible way to play it yeah, but there are quite a few great android ports that are intended for use with a controller, sure they still throw in half assed touch controls but its not the way they intend for it to be played. A good example of this would be the great max payne 1 port (or any rockstar android game really). There are also games that REQUIRE a controller like hotline miami 1 and 2. You could easily just port it without the touch controls too. I replay Silent Hill 1 like once a month, always on android. Its much more convenient than on pc.

When I read that there is a version for linux it made my day, I use linux and people only give attention to windows, but my happiness was gone when I tried to run and nothing happened, I tried to open it on terminal and this appears on the screen: Loading in SingleInstance mode
But nothing happens, the game doesn't open, how can I make it work here?
I use debian buster with kde.

Hey I'm really sorry Linux version doesn't work on your end. We don't have a legit linux device so we don't have a way of testing the ports. Someone said the linux version works on their device so I'm not sure what exactly makes it incompatible to other devices. I might try and set up a virtual machine (which I've never done before) with a Linux OS, or any way I can test the linux version myself. If I find a fix, I'll let you know.

Ok, thank you :)

The distro I use here is debian buster, I don't know if it has something to do with debian.

No prob! Thank you for your patience.
My friend and I set up a virtual machine (mine is Debian with KDE while my friend uses linux mint iirc). I tried out Terminus and the launcher opens correctly (where you can chose the resolution, framerate, achievements, etc) but when I click "play" then it hangs on a black screen... however I found out that virtual machines aren't for playing games unless you have good specs (and my PC is old enough to drink in the US) so if the launcher doesn't appear on your end then we may have a possible solution.
My friend tried a working project yesterday and it didn't run on his end (it starts and instantly closes the game) which might mean it's a graphic API issue. Game is trying to play in Vulkan API (which my gfx supports) instead of OpenGL; if that's the case then it shouldn't be hard to fix the issue but we are still testing stuff out so I hope you won't mind if it takes longer. Cheers!

Update to my previous message: My friend and I both set up Debian with KDE and it works on our end with 3D acceleration disabled. (with a few transparency/camera issues here and there)
We also attempted to disable Vulkan support but it didn't fix the issue. I'm sorry, I think this could be a component related issue but I'm not 100% sure. As a last resort, you could try and run the game with -force-opengl command line if it helps.

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Here I use opengl by default, so it should run, but it doesn't, it quickly opens a window and closes right after, like it opens but closes in less than a second, maybe because computer is too old too? But as it's a game with ps1 graphics I thought it would run here, is there a list of minimum requisites necessary to run the game? Maybe it would help to know. And thank you for answering me and for the patience to try to fix this on linux, it's rare when developers answer the public and give this kind of attention, so thanks again, I appreciate that ^^

We'll still try to see if we can get the game to be compatible with most devices, for now we assume your computer has 3d acceleration which was giving us the same closing issue on our VMs but we'll see what can be done.


Cool bro, you guys are doing it great


I loved this so much man! This captures the exact same vibe as Silent Hill 1. Actually this has the potential to be better than silent hill 1! Even though Silent hill 1 one of my favorite games of all time it has a few weak parts, like the sewers and it has some pacing issues too, like almost all early 3d games. With this you can perfect silent hill 1s unique style of horror! Please continue working on this. If you could set up a way to donate I would gladly do so!


Thank you so much man, it means a lot to hear that! :D
Yeah water-related levels in games are usually different, even though SH1's sewer levels are a bit linear, I still like them. (they probably wanted to make something a little different compared to the school or hospital)

I'll do my best when it comes to the full version but it'll take a while for it to happen. My friend and I who made the demo are currently recharging our batteries but will come back to the project eventually.
Thank you for the offer, we really appreciate it but keep it; You may need it, considering what the world is going through at the moment. Cheers!


You're welcome man! Thanks for the response! Ill definitely keep an eye out for this game's full release if it happens and devlogs/updates. I really hope this game doesn't get abandoned like a lot of psx projects.

Yeah with the sewers they wanted to make something different but they didn't know how to do it well due to the limited hardware and them being unexperienced since 3d was new tech at the time. They also didn't have the budget, it was too linear as a result and really killed the pacing.

This demo is one of the few things that brought me joy in 2020 so you definitely deserve money for this, it was a though year for everyone. Thankfully the pandemic didn't effect me at all financially (but it affected me in many other ways) so I would gladly donate.


How did you go about hitting that PSX look? Any tips/tricks? Obviously there's affine mapping, low res textures, but what else would you recommend for achieving this look?

The things I used are: CRT effect(s), pixelization, diffuse shaders with affine mapping and vertex snapping (polygon twitching), 8-bit/16-bit color depth and the most important of all... dithering. :)

What kind of CRT effect did you use? Like I'm unable to really see it in the footage that Alpha Beta posted.

As for pixelisation, im also unable to see it in videos. What pixel density did you set it to?

Pixelization is disabled by default, you'll notice all the effect changes when you toggle between them. The v0.1.3 version tells the players in-game that they can do that from options>extras.

ah that's likely why I didn't see it. So by default it's running at max res?

Yup :)
I couldn't decide whether to have it on or off by default, so for now I decided to have it off. Maybe for the full version I'll have it enabled by default, but I'm still not sure about that. I'll think about it.

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As a big fan of Silent Hill 1 (my favourite game ever) I played this demo. And this is amasing! Special thanks for the gamepad support! So I played in normal/normal difficulties, and I had several problems: 1. on normal/hard difficulties protagonist falls too easily into the abyss (sometimes he turns his back on the abyss and falls into it, lol); 2. sometimes the same monsters die from one shot, sometimes from six. That's strange; 3. frequent respawn of enemies where they were not. It's okay. But why do they show up in the save room?! my pants are full of bricks; Otherwise, everything is very cool, I will wait for updates!
p.s. a new content and sounds from SH1/2 for menu it's ohuenno :D


Hey thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it, it's one of my favourite and first game I ever played on the PS1! :D

1) That is sort of intended but there is a mechanic for it: when you step over the pitfall on normal/hard, the player will enter this "nearly falling" animation. During this animation if you press forward (or the button towards the hole) then you will get a game over. Instead, when he enters the animation, you should let him pull himself up. He will always succeed pulling himself back to safety unless you press forward during the animation, or he gets attacked/pushed.
I'm sure there are some collision issues as well where some specific pitfalls can be re-triggered twice if you're in the right spot. I'll try to fix those if I encounter any. I'm just so used to the pitfalls that I can run through areas with wooden planks without triggering a pitfall.

2) On normal/hard enemies will recover back up if they're not stomped/finished. If they are downed and you save the game, they are gonna be loaded into the game as "alive&walking with 1 HP" or something like that.

3) SPOILER: The enemies have a 10% chance to travel to other rooms if they cannot find you close by. That also includes the save rooms, most of them are accessible by enemies. There are, however, some doors enemies will never pass through. One of the demo discs for SH1 had a trigger event with a demon child going through the door near the school library.

I'm glad you liked the SH1/SH2 sfx library. :D If you switch to SH2, it changes the loading screen and inventory status. Thank you once again for playing the game and giving feedback! Cheers!


Managed to finished it. Great game, great monsters with some critic at the end of my playthrough.

Thanks man, I appreciate it! I left a reply in the comment section to clear some stuff up, just in case. :D


Well you've absolutely nailed the look and feel of Silent Hill 1. Definitely gonna do a playthrough of this for my channel!

Hey thank you very much! We're looking forward to it. :D


I like this demo very much! Is there a way to send you donations?

I'm glad you liked the demo and thank you very much for the offer. For now, there is no need to donate or contribute in any way. Cheers! :D


Game is cool but it seems a bit too easy to fall to your death for how many holes there are.

Thank you and yes, there's a lot of pitfalls as a secondary threat. That's intentional.

If you switch your action difficulty to EASY, then the pitfall trigger will be disabled (meaning, you won't be able to fall into holes or get pushed into them).
However if you still plan on playing in normal/hard action difficulty then if you get into "nearly falling" animation, just wait for a few seconds and the player will automatically bring himself back no problem. When you're in the "near falling" animation, getting attacked or pressing the walk button towards the hole will cause a game over. I hope the info helps. :D

can you make pinky next-


Made a video


Holy moly, I'd pay full price for a full game of this. Great work, you really captured that Silent Hill 1 atmosphere.

Hey thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that and I'm glad you liked it! :D


Very fun


I do love the potent amounts of dedication and Silent Hill vibes this gives off, can't wait to see more 

another crash randomly in the shower room :o

I went to turn the shower nozzle. Not sure if that's a function or not, but I figured I'd mention it in case that's the reason.

Hey dude! Thank you for the previous message but I'm sorry the game crashes on your end so frequently.
1) Are you playing on Windows? If not, then maybe it's a port specific issue.
2) Does the game automatically exit the game? If not, then open the debug console to see if there's an error.
3) Does the game stutter or have framerate issues? Try setting the game to 30FPS (options -> frame limit) and if that doesn't help, try disabling all effects (options -> extras -> crt off, dithering off, color depth to 32-bit)


The game really is a love letter to Ps1 games like Silent Hill. Nice job. I will keep an eye out for this game's full release.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Random crash after I got the photo from the box and came back into the room. I don't think I did anything to make it occur, I was just walking. Wish I could give you a more detailed report :/ Good thing there's a save anywhere function. That sure is cool!

Anyway, the game itself is amazing so far. This definitely has the potential to be an amazing spiritual successor to Silent Hill. Definitely scratched the itch that I've been looking for for so long. Atmosphere was amazing.


very atmospheric, I love it


Pretty cool demo. I enjoyed it for the most part. The pits become really annoying after a while though and some enemies are so relentless that you don't really get a chance to fight back. I got a little lost toward the end of my vid but it was still pretty fun. Thanks!


good vibes retro ... great


So first off the game launches fine on my Linux desktop, so far so good ! Secondly the intro screen about the PS1 memory card was hilarious. I do have a couple questions though. Is this a demo or a full game ? Also if it's a full game is it finished ? I ask because the status on the main page here says "in development". 


Haha thanks man, I appreciate it! I'm also happy to hear Linux port works! :D
Yes, this is a demo but it does have a finish/goal, some unlockables and extra sections depending on which riddle difficulty you pick. I hope it makes up for the short demo. I hope you'll enjoy playing; cheers!