v0.1.3 - Update, thank you and BREAKING CHANGE

Hey peeps! I hope you're having a great day and that you're taking good care of yourselves.
Firstly, I'd like to thank AlphaBetaGamera for promoting and reviewing this project. We greatly appreciate it; the downloads went from 1 per week to 100 per day. °0°

Secondly, this update was supposed to arrive sooner but a Windows Update (or SOMETHING) corrupted my files on the HDD, including the Terminus (scenes, rooms, events, enemies, cutscenes were destroyed The 8mb demo level was turned into 4kb file). Therefore, I spent a few days this week not sleeping in order to restore/recreate the demo as close as possible with the new stuff as well. I wasn't able to restore the event/interactable seeds which makes this a breaking change: We do not recommend using your old (v0.1.2 and prior) save files; you'll be able to load into the rooms correctly but there's a chance you could soft-lock yourself out of finishing puzzles. It is recommended to start v0.1.3 fresh.

With that said, here's a changelog of v0.1.3 in case you're interested what's new compared to v0.1.2:

  • Added original voice acting (special thanks to Alkemical)
  • Added a SH2/SH3 status display for when you switch UI SFX to SH2
  • Added a new feature to hard action difficulty: saving is now consumable (think of it as Ink Ribbons from Resident Evil)
  • Added a note in the starting room that will let people know about their main objective for the demo
  • Added another achievement
  • Added a new title image (that is readable now)
  • Equipped weapon will now always display the current amount
  • Tweaked some enemy spawning, some enemy balancing and enemy code optimization
  • Improved melee combat --> You can now turn when attacking
  • Improved steel pipe damage --> Heavy attack is x1.5 stronger
  • When your health is low, the main character will breathe as if tired
  • Fixed and changed the [total item count] which should hopefully now give the correct amount display (for the most part, because the final max item count was set before we had to recreate the entire demo)
  • Fixed some messages in the extra rooms playing all the text at once
  • Fixed axe swinging animation values (stamina wasn't being  applied to it)
  • Fixed attack animation bugs when moving around
  • Fixed achievements, they should now unlock regardless of being logged into GameJolt
  • Fixed score bug that punished you for doing a melee-only  run. Now, if you do a melee-only run, you'll gain 50 pts.  Same goes for doing a pacifist run, you'll get rewarded  with 80 points. (1 point = 1 little star, 10 points = 1 big star)
  • Fixed camera collision, it shouldn't go into the void for no reason, I hope. In addition to that, some camera positions have been changed and some cameras have a field of view changes (for that cool cinematic effect or whatever)
  • Fixed most of the audio popping/clicking
  • Fixed the barrel texture, it uses a new original one
  • Fixed not being able to run into some wire meshes
  • Fixed aiming from [X] weapon at close range not guaranteeing a hit
  • Fixed first part of the hydrophore puzzle having  inverted solution
  • Fixed save after clock puzzle
  • Changed the result screen BGM
  • Changed handgun description (removed "Glock" because it  wasn't one to begin with and also to avoid a potential lawsuit)

I really really hope you enjoy the update and the demo itself. It means a lot to see people play our games. Have fun all, cheers!


Terminus.rar 23 MB
Version 2 Nov 15, 2020
terminus-linux.zip 45 MB
Version 2 Nov 15, 2020
terminus-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 2 Nov 15, 2020


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