v0.1.4 - Quick little update

'Sup peeps! I hope you're all well and that you had a great thanksgiving for those who celebrated; and those who didn't, I hope you had an awesome NNNovember.

I'll keep this short and just say that we made an update that will make the game a liiiittle bit easier with some new stuff added as well to spice things up a little:

  • Added a map for the office construction complex
  • Added error message when you use the items incorrectly
  • Added a buffer for the pitfall trigger on normal action difficulty
  • Added costumes because why not
  • Added links to the extra games in the launcher
  • Added 2 achievements
  • The hint for falling into pits should appear earlier
  • Improved room UVs (fixed the concrete textures)
  • Fixed UI disappearing on OpenGL
  • Fixed some animations that were a bit broken
  • Fixed overexposure so that the subtitles are more readable at the cost of a bit less illumination
  • Fixed the health bar overlapping with the save screen
  • Fixed flashlight toggle making it brighter than default
  • Fixed cutscenes without certain sound clips missing
  • Fixed animation for smashing into a wall not resetting when triggering a pitfall
  • Fixed the aiming in TV room and shower room sometimes canceling out due to physics

And that's pretty much it. It's not a big update but it took a while to add them so I hope you'll enjoy the little things. Have a good one and take care!

(P.S: The update is currently for Windows and Linux. We updated Unity engine and we're unable to port to Mac at the moment but will upload an update for Mac as soon as possible)

(P.S. pt.2: my dumbass didn't notice that the note on the bathroom door at the beginning was gone, but I fixed it now.)


Terminus.rar 23 MB
Version 3 Nov 28, 2020
terminus-linux.zip 45 MB
Version 3 Nov 28, 2020


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