v0.1.5 - Update

Hey peeps!
Firstly, happy new year! I hope 2021 becomes a better year for you all. Secondly, I'll try to keep this short: We bring you another update. We planned to put more stuff into this update but we had no extra time left (among other reasons) but hopefully you'll enjoy what there is. Thirdly, here's the changelog:

  • Added leaderboard length display buttons, refresh button and the ability to see your own score instead of having to search it through the entire list
  • Added new enemy mechanic: grab (however this only applies for the [happy children] enemies at the moment)
  • Added new sfx for the [happy children] enemy
  • Added new camera look function: "shoulder view" and can be toggled from the hidden extra options
  • Added a new hidden costume, a reference to a YouTuber
  • Added outlines for the text and title for memo notes
  • Added warning screens for Polish and Croatian
  • Added debug command to disable VHS humming for CRT effects Type5 and Type6
  • Added a cheat to disable pitfall mechanic for all action difficulties on your current save file... but for a price
  • Improved room models for [Storage] and [Room 24]
  • Fixed the wrong memo being saved in the inventory
  • Fixed launcher not being interactible
  • Fixed bug that softlocked players from entering the bathroom if they unlocked the door, saved and loaded the save file
  • Fixed audio glitching when camera changes
  • Fixed the frame skip when entering load/save screen
  • Fixed blood puddles and enemy animations working in unscaled time
  • Fixed enemies not being able to push you into pitfalls on normal difficulty
  • Fixed one pitfall being inverted and turning the player completely backwards and making the aniamtions loop
  • Fixed some small player model UVs and changed his shirt to be a bit more darker and grimy
  • Fixed pitfall trigger overlapping on hard action mode
  • Changed Type5 CRT effect values
  • Changed the colour of the highlight bars in inventory for the easy action difficulty

Thank you to everyone who has played the demo so far and I hope this update makes the game a bit more enjoyable (especially for those who want to play hard action difficulty without the pitfalls and people who want to have a look function that glues the camera behind the player). Take care and have a good one! :D


Terminus.rar 23 MB
Version 6 Jan 30, 2021
terminus-linux.zip 45 MB
Version 5 Jan 30, 2021
terminus-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 4 Jan 30, 2021



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How do you get to the hidden extra options? I would love to try it again with the shoulder cam and see how different it would feel.


Hey! Go to the Options, then go to Extras. While you're there, press L1+R1 (on PC it should be Q+E) and you'll be taken to Hidden Extras. Most stuff is locked but you can unlock all of it if you get a good enough score at the end of the demo. :)

Oh and to make the shoulder view work, you need to hold the "look" button. (I think that's L2 on gamepad, on PC it's Alt)