v0.1.7 - Patch + small update

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.
This update exists because a few glaring bugs were brought to my attention so alongside with a few bug fixes I added a little bit of small improvements here and there. Special thanks to a user called Edge.

Here's the changelog for v0.1.7:

  • Added a special cutscene for normal and hard action difficulty that can be found on hard riddle difficulty
  • Added some extra events for hard action difficulty (technically, just one event)
  • Added more hints to the janitor's journal
  • Added a blood splattered tub when you complete one  of the puzzles
  • Added the ability to quickturn by holding down button  and shift (on controller it's down and square)
  • Attempted fix for the save issues with hydrophore  puzzle
  • Attempted to fix the child enemy standing straight  when it dies
  • Added another footstep type
  • The massive fan will activate when you get the  rusty key (instead of when you find a photograph)
  • Improved look function when targeting the enemies  (when you aim and look, the camera looks at the  enemy but when it dies, it will stay on the enemy  until you look away to prevent camera fuckery)
  • Improved loading time just a tiny bit
  • Fixed pitfalls still being enabled on easy action
  • Fixed animation stuck in fade transition between  door transitions and inventory (most visible with  a shotgun equipped)
  • Fixed the flashlight exploit for the children monster  but it should remain for easy action difficulty, as  well as the same monster moving around the level  with idle animation. On hard action difficulty, the  enemy will know where you are in the dark for a few  seconds before losing you
  • Fixed back-attack for the children monsters, attacking  them from behind from any state will double your damage  (multiplied by easier action difficulty)
  • Fixed camera angle being too warp-y when you exit  the "phone booth" room
  • Fixed hydrophore cutscene skip not working properly
  • Fixed health display on 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Fixed inventory items displaying wrong error message

There ya go, I hope this version fixes everything in terms of bugs. Also, my dumbass realized that the walkthrough for hard riddle had a broken link because I deleted the .pdf (I had to format my entire PC and reinstall Windows... again...) so I updated the link for the previous devlog in case you'll be using that guide.
Have a great rest of the day everyone and take care!


terminus-lin.zip 45 MB
Version 1 Aug 28, 2021
Terminus.rar 23 MB
Version 9 Aug 28, 2021
terminus-lin.zip 45 MB
Version 1 Aug 28, 2021
terminus-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 6 Aug 28, 2021


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